Richtree – CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Monday: Jerk Chicken with Rice and Mango Juice $9.99

Tuesday: Big Kid Bacon Grilled Cheese with Small Soup and Bottled Water $10.49

Wednesday: Vegetarian Burrito Bowl with Jarritos $10.49

Thursday: Beef Lasagna with Muskoka Water/ Canned Pop $10.99

Friday: Fish N Chips $10.99

Saturday: Rosti with Sausage & Sour Cream $8.49

Sunday: Farmers Style Crepe with Coffee (8oz) $10.49


Richtree – Square One

Monday: Shrimp Stir Fry & Drink $11.99

Tuesday: Veggie Burger with Fries & Drink $8.99

Wednesday: Buy Any Sandwiches/ Wraps, Get a FREE Garden Salad (small) & Pink Lemonade $9.49

Thursday: Chicken Fajita & Drink $8.99

Friday: Quiche with Garden Salad (small) & Pink Lemonade $9.49

Saturday: Rosti with Meatballs & Drink $9.49

Sunday: Bernese Breakfast, Rosti with 2 Eggs (any style), Sausage or Bacon, Toast and Coffee (8oz) $9.99