Flatbreads have been consumed by many cultures around the world for centuries; however, none are as dear to us as the pizza pie.

pizz 3

Surprisingly, pizza hasn’t changed much since it was first eaten in Italy in the 1700s by working class Italians. Inexpensive flatbreads, topped with meats and veggies and then eaten on the street. And, although the toppings may have evolved, the basic components remain the same:

Whether you’re a pizza purist (Cheese and Pepperoni) or like to push the pizza boundaries (Apples, Pesto and Feta), Richtree has the perfect pie for you.

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Chef Andre has introduced a few new pizzas recently that are interesting AND really, really, really DELICIOUS. The hands down favourite is Smoked Salmon.

Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream Pizza (2)

smoked salmon pizza

This pie is traditionally baked with red sauce, cheese and caramelized onions…but the magic happens after cooking.
Rich smoked salmon, salty capers and peppery arugula top the pizza and then we finish it with a drizzle of sweet tangy sour cream.

Are you drooling?

Get a napkin, wipe your mouth and head to Richtree Eaton Centre, where your pizza dream will come true in less than 5 minutes.