Wondering how you can transform a boring salad into an AMAZING meal?

By making your salad the star and letting it shine in all its vegetable goodness. Look at it as eating with abundance, where you can fill your belly with a wide variety of vitamin rich foods that taste great!

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My advice on how to build the perfect salad:


Eating the same things every day, means you are taking in the same nutrients every day. So, remember to switch up your ingredients! Try something new each time you enjoy a salad. You never know what you may really love or what to leave out next time! Broadening your palate along with eating a wide variety of different foods is a great way to ensure you are meeting all your nutrient requirements. Next time you are at the salad bar; try those artichoke hearts, give raw broccoli another try or switch up your greens!

Protein and Fat

Adding in some healthy fats and protein rich foods to your salad are good way to keep you full longer because protein and fats work to keep your blood sugar balanced…helping you avoid a blood sugar crash and control your cravings for sugary snacks. Try adding sliced avocado, chickpeas or a grilled chicken to your salad!

Nutrition Boosters

Different ingredients can help you achieve different nutritional goals and learning what foods can do for you is a great way to improve your health. I like to add ‘nutrition boosters’ or super foods to my salads. These ingredients are jam packed with health benefits and take your everyday salad to the next level. Topping your salad with foods like flax, chia, hemp seeds or dried seaweed are few excellent ways to  elevate the nutrition factor.

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Any way you make it, a well built salad is a great option for a light nutrient rich meal. And, when you include more fruits and vegetables into your diet, there is less room for the unhealthy stuff.

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