Vegans, forget about tofu and show a little <3 for hearts of palm.

These mineral rich plants harvested from the cores of palm plants are a very popular ingredient in Mexican and South American cuisine. As for taste, they can be compared to a sweeter yet milder version of an artichoke. They also contain a good amount of fibre and are fairly low in calories…so a great addition to any healthy diet. palm 2

We’ve recently added hearts of palm to our Tacos and Burritos at Richtree Eaton Centre and the result is awesome. These delicious dishes will please all of our vegetarian, vegan and even meat loving friends.

The hearts of palm are first braised with guajillo chiles, orange juice, limes and honey. Then they are added to the tacos and burritos, along with avocado and black bean puree. palm 2

If you haven’t ever tasted hearts of palm, we encourage you to visit Richtree and give them a try. It’s a light and refreshing vegetarian dish, perfect for spring.